At the Volkfest

Living in Stuttgart for the past 2 years I witnessed the most pleasant festival (at least for me) the fourth time. The volkfest is very much similar to the popular Oktoberfest which takes place annually in Munich, but we have it twice a year.  Having not many touristic attractions to boast of, I wouldn’t be wrong if I were to say people were waiting for the winter to end to feel the sun and celebrate. Since I’m not that great in reading German local news, I generally find out about the fest in a unique way, at least once a week I would be walking beside the river Neckar which flows next to me.  If I could find a giant wheel standing from the bridge, hurray – Its Volksfest time. Again volkfest is a place where me being a non-native, socializes with strangers I wouldn’t be probably seeing again in my life – the phenomenon of universal brotherhood over the ‘beer steins’. Whatever I like this the best in Stuttgart.

There is a huge variety of   things to see, things to eat, things to drink and things to experience. Wikipedia says originally this fest was to show off the produce of the state farmers which later shaped as a full-scale carnival. Its colorful, smells pork and roasted nuts as expected,  people packed in their super sexy  traditional dresses and of course the beer.



The Love Store


Volkfest - iNSiDEs



End Note : If  you have Stuttgart in your itenary by any chance, make sure that you don’t miss this.


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