DIY : Cooling 2.5inch HDDs, Quick n Dirty

I have been losing quite a number of gadgets in 2012, including my Google nexus which broke my heart. Since then I have been trying hard  to keep my things safe. Apart from the sick feeling of losing a new phone, my concern was the data in it. Adding up to that my entire data stored on Google servers were available for a short while to ‘who ever has it’. Anyway it’s done and can’t be undone. For this New Year I decided to encrypt my external HDD which obviously has  large amounts of private data.  I used open source software called ‘truecrypt’ to get this encryption chore done.

The process was pretty long, estimated about 10hrs. Anyhow for me, it doesn’t matter once a while to spare this 10 hrs to keep my data safe. Now the problem pops up! Continuous data transfer for about 1 hour had made it dangerously hot. Neither did I want to fry my HDD like the events in 2012 and nor did I want to interrupt the encryption process n screw my data forever. I decided to wipe the steel case with wet towel occasionally to lower the temperature. Great solution –  it cools perfect, but I was just lazy to do this over and over.  Finally I came up with an un-professional idea which gave me ‘cool’ results. – I just wrapped up my HDD in a small piece of wet( not dripping wet!)  cloth and left one end of the cloth in cup of water. Water evaporates from the surface and draws cool water from the cup and my HDD remained super cool. Encryptions took me 12hrs in total and believe me this little cooler kept my HDD safe n ‘sound’.



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