When I was in Hyderabad

New in town? If you like to get around and see your neighborhood – What I would do is just Google, ” top 10 things to do in ”. But the top 10 suggestions didn’t really make the real top things. I liked the strong culture of Hyderabad and with the help of locals, four square, lonely planet and trip adviser – I took 100s of bus, walked 10s of kilometers exploring Hyderabad.  As I write now, the explorations are not yet complete ( will be updated regularly). Tight on budget made dump the idea of hiring a motorcycle, the scorching sun made me chuck the idea of cycling which leaves me just with Hyderabad RTC, MMTS and my own 2 strong legs :)


Just a comment on the transportation, most buses are more than 30 years old Leyland buses driven by drivers who often forget that they are driving a public transportation which has regular stops in between. And the MMTS which gets cancelled in the last minute for no obvious reason. Whatever life goes on..

The Charminar

Charminar, the most popular monument of Hyderabad was of course on my list. Like the city, its buildings are totally unkempt – let’s call it typical! The majestic monument looks elegant and massive, the characteristic dome architecture took me back in time to the Muslim reign during 15th century. This piece of architecture would have taken at that time many years and many lives, for sure those efforts are strongly reflected in the subtle designs. But we the new Indians also have contributed something significant, the inner walls have been vandalized by silly inscriptions, most commonly names of jerks and various other shapes :/. How dumb! However, the monument deserves a visit if you happen to be in Hyderabad. On Sundays there are several flea markets selling everything from needles to truck axles. After considerable amount of bargaining, one can definitely strike cheap deals! Personally I love shopping in these markets than in malls where they charge you for their AC :D. Local pearl vendors are found in large numbers, trying all sorts of techniques to sell them out to you (your mantra is to quote half the price or even less than that of what they demand!). Now this reminds me of my girlfriend who asked me to get her a pearl necklace. Fakes are so realistic that the pearl ignorant me decides to take no chances. There is a nicely located clean (unlike surroundings) cafe coffee day outlet to save you from a potential heat stroke and a restaurant called Shabaab, which claims to serve one of the best biriyanis in Hyderabad. But I recommend the Iranian tea which they offer in the first floor. Again the ambiance and cleanliness of the restaurant are disappointing.


Flea Markets of Hyderabad

Street vendors

Collector's Paradise

The Wednesday Market

A bloody affair which almost made me a vegetarian!
Wednesday Market

The sheep head barbeque

** more of this is coming soon**


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