A Bohemian Adventure

The ride to Czech was a bolt from the blue. The last month of summer with a quality sunshine forecasted over the weekend was all the motivation it took to quickly ride to the east. So we call it the Bohemian adventure. Of course the travel had to be done on my trusty DR but it had a sloppy luggage system. However without much physically work and money I managed to get the luggage in place to make room for my girl friend. This was our longest motorcycle journey yet! Even though the new luggage system was holding quite nice, the heat from the exhaust took a toll on the soft bags. A padding of aluminium foil did the trick. Looks dirty but functional.

The trip started early in the morning around 4 am, the wind was chilly but roads were empty. With hardly much halts except for frequent fueling, we reached Pilzen at 9 am. There was no checking at the Czech border. The town had aged buildings with a touch of old soviet union era. Our sight seeing was limited,  the unsecured luggage on the bike was our concern. We did manage to wander in the old town square and the cathedral.  In next hundred kilometers we were in the Prag! It was flocked with tourists as expected. The long journey with the constant beating of the wind, we were tired and but determined to explore the vibrant night life. We decided to skip the clubs for we didn’t want to sleep until late noon the next day.  🙂

I found a nice apartment on airbnb at a relatively cheap price. As always the room looked great in the picture but to my surprise, the room was excellent with amazing view of the sky! After a short while with a map of Praha tucked into my pocket we headed out.  We crossed river Elbe into the old town, it was very picturesque – I should add. We strolled all over the place. Bohemian crystal stores were wide spread, inevitable the girl had to visit them. From my POV, they were ridiculously shiny, but not that expensive either – Jibi liked it. There were  street performers, local food stores, annoying tour operators who want to put you on the best boat on the river and so on – lovely, happening place.




DSC_0183 DSC_0173




Next day started with a sumptuous breakfast of some home made strudels and pancakes from nice cafe, round the corner of where we stayed. Castles, old tower, the charles bridge, the oldest Jewish synagogue etc. once you are in Praha, these are the standard places you “have to see”. Some are overrated, however that’s what the city offers. It was a pity that we couldn’t longer in Praha. I did make a quick beer collections – they are great and to mention  the Pilsner Urquell and the original budweiser schmeckt gut 😉 Anymore explanation on Praha would be redundant, as the internet is full of em!

Later that day we packed off to a small town at the north western part of Czech close to the German border, called Hrensko. The national park was the our aim, to spend two days hiking in unique limestone formations and the forest. Trails were very crowded, however they are nice but overrated. During the day buses from the national park run up and down giving multiple entry and exits to the deeper trails. Pravčická Brána is another popular attraction, to my surprise there was a restaurant at the top. Who doesn’t want a chilled Czech beer on a warm sunny day at the “summit”.

The next day, it was the return journey. Though the weather frowned, we made it before midnight 🙂


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