About Me

The best means to define me would be by saying what I do with all my time these days. I tinker in my lab and I get paid for it, I’m a physicist. I like writing and reading to the point. That being said, i don’t appreciate poetry and modern art equally. I constantly try to believe that its now or never, standing out from the crowd is good, life is essential simple – break it down part by part and make the best out of it.

Wish I was what I just said, but I’m just another guy with some random passions. I like to go to untouched places, where nature is still in the purest form. I bike, I motorbike and trek occasionally to such places – just to feel good 🙂

I cherish the idea to do a world tour on my motorcycle for a few years. In the coming years i gather resources and ideas to make it happen.

Here I share the some of my life’s experiences. Here you are reading it. Thank you.

Ramu Pradip | Create Your Badge


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